Multifunction Steriliser with Mobile Phone Charger



Power mode: USB, AC

Rated voltage: 9 (V)

Rated power: 2.5 (W)

Rated frequency: 60 (Hz)

Color: blue



Double UV lamp, strong disinfection

Support column design, comprehensive disinfection

Bottom non-slip design

Professional disinfection


[Multi-function mobile phone sterilizer]: This multi-function mobile phone sterilizer can sterilize your mobile phone or other items, such as jewelry, keys, Bluetooth headsets, and other items through ultraviolet rays. It can hold 6.5-inch large-screen mobile phones or other small items.

[Ultraviolet disinfection]: UV disinfection is adopted. The UV-C253.7 ultraviolet wavelength is a special wavelength for disinfection and anti-virus. It can quickly destroy bacterial DNA to achieve the effect of disinfection. It only takes 5 minutes to sterilize 99.9%. Built-in imported intelligent chip, power will be cut off automatically after sterilization. When the cover is opened during use, the host will automatically power off.

[Easy to use]: All you need to do is plug in your phone or the item you want to disinfect. Press the start disinfection button, and the power will be automatically turned off after five minutes. Opening the lid automatically cuts off power, so you don't need to worry about potential safety hazards. You just need to remove the phone and unplug it after disinfection. It can completely clean the entire mobile device.

[Wireless charging function]: Built-in QC3.0 wireless fast charging, full automatic power-off fast charging does not get hot, mobile phones that support iOS / Android wireless charging (note: pay attention to see if the mobile phone you use supports wireless charging function)

[The ideal gift]: This phone sterilizer can be used as a gift for your family, partner or close friend. Provide them with a healthy and clean environment. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us in time.

Package Including:
1x sterilization box