Power of Breath

Every issue begins with a lack of "proper" breath. 

Your lungs are only getting a small portion, about 15%, of what they need in order to keep you healthy, sane and happy, clear of emotional upheaval and creative.

This audio is powerful enough to get you on track with the origination technique of breath. You breath properly as a child and this gives you the process and ease of being able to use it until it again becomes natural. 

It may just save your life. 

To breathe in the ways of the ancients who have longevity and radiant health is simple and calming. 

These breathing techniques will take you through how to bring longevity, health, inner calm and outer radiance.  

This breathing technique is the MOST simplified and powerful available and one where you will feel instant relief and expansion. 

I’ve discovered after working with thousands of clients that paying attention to a few of those breaths can make a huge difference in your life! I’ve created a special mediation called Power of Breath where you are taken within and lead to really pay attention to your breath. This helps restore balance in your body as well as increase energy and make you feel more centered and grounded.

This is a downloadable audio product.