Orgonite Energy Reiki Stone Necklace Pendant

Each of the orgones are handmade. Each symbol is created with gems that give a unique meaning to each of the orgones. The Eye of Horus symbol, is recognized as a powerful protection amulet and is designed with contributing gemstone, such as tourmaline, pyrite, onyx, coral and quartz Benefits: Neutralizes the magnetic waves in your sun, removed the static energies and protect from low enegies. They contribute the property of the minerals, colors and simbols. Chile handmade.


Orgonite is a small energy converter

1 Purify the living environment

 Orgonite can eliminate the negative energy (adverse magnetic field) of the environment. orgonite can reduce electromagnetic radiation.

2 Purify the human body energy field

Orgonite can be placed in the bedroom to improve some sleep problems (non-pathological), relieve emotional stress and achieve balance.

3:For objects

You can charge any beverage water food to gain more vitality and life energy. Every few minutes.

It can also be placed under the seat, the instrument panel and nearby sound.

You can put orgonite under your car seat, on or near the dashboard, and the electromagnetic field is usually the biggest place to create a vehicle.


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