Mini Natural Gemstone Tumbled Healing Crystal Wand

  • ATTRACT ABUNDANCE INTO YOUR LIFE – Clear quartz, Tigers Eye and Rose Quartz can bring abundance to you in different areas of your life. Bring prosperity into your relationships, health, finances and spirituality!
  • PURIFY YOUR TOXIC NEGATIVE ENERGY - Get rid of the attachments, toxins and gunk that slow your energy flow with the 5 piece Crystals and Healing Stones Wand Set. Feel peaceful, happy and full of life!
  • YOUR HEIGHTENED CONFIDENCE IS ATTRACTIVE – Rose quartz is a wonderful crystal for attracting your soulmate and repairing relationships in your life by bringing a new confidence to your beautiful self.
  • DISPLAY YOUR SPIRITUALITY - This beautiful set of crystals will give a healthy energy to your room or office. Display on a shelf or on your desk with natural backdrops such as plants or moss to be the envy of friends.
  • REACH YOUR GOALS - Intention setting is easy with this wand set. Program your wand by holding it and focusing you intention on what you want. Place the wand in sight as a reminder to the subconscious to work on your goal.