Essene Meditation

Life is filled with chaos, fear, worry, anxiousness, and many sleepless nights. Without these daily troubles, you would rest better, have more trust in your inner confidence, and have the ability to seize creativity and opportunity. 

Your life would be more filled with enlightened thinking and activities. 

For that, you need rest in the evening hours and the waking hours. The Essenes taught a methodology for sleeping and waking and with these techniques became some of the most enlightened people in their time. 

Today requires you to be more connected and awake and yet you have less rest.

This nighttime guided audio is perfect to help you sleep easily and stay asleep. You will rest better and wake more happily. Your mind will not be so busy and your body will feel more rested and restored.

The other half of the audio is designed for you to wake more confidently and consciously. It will help you wake up and feel more ready for your day. This part of the audio is designed for helping you to have the ease of waking up and allow the natural systems of the body to wake with ease and peace. It starts the day off with the right thought and energy.

Derived from ancient texts these two eight-minute audio segments can be used daily.

The AM meditation is a beautiful and peaceful way to start your day.

The PM meditation is a fantastic way to allow your body to get into a state of rest giving you a peaceful night’s sleep.