Chakra Pendant Necklace


This is a gold chakra necklace in Chakra Passion. Bold, flashy, and eye-catching, this unique wearable art pendant necklace can be used for its healing energy or as an original fashion statement for the color lover.

The artwork on the pendant is a miniature print. It's professionally printed and has a very bold, bright and flashy look, especially when the light hits it just right. Even in low light, it has an ethereal glow. The intention: The chakras are seven energy centers in the body which are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. This image is intended to align, open and balance the entire chakra system. Dysfunctional, closed, or imbalanced chakras can contribute to imbalance and/or disease in the emotional and physical bodies.

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  •   UV Resistant

  •   Waterproof

22-inch necklace that fits great on anyone.

Sterling plated pendant with a custom hardened resin insert to show the highest quality color vibrance in your necklace possible.